Integrated Urgent Care Report

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Permission to view outcome Permission to view obtained
Date obtained 01-Jan-2017, 20:00
Date expires 15-Jan-2017, 20:00

Primary Reason for Call

Patient feels dizzy.

Clinical Summary

Patient fels nausea and dizzy after waking up. Lasted 30 minutes.

Additional Patient Notes

Additional Patient Notes
Additional Patient Notes abc 01-Feb-2017, 12:00
These are more notes, nested under the top one.

Disposition Details

Lie down.

Information and advice given

Do not perform any strenuous activities.

Recorded Allergies

No known allergies or adverse reaction.

Triage Report

An injury or other health problem was described.
The individual was described as breathing and conscious.
Loss of at least a mugful of blood in the last 30 minutes was not described.
An illness or other health problem was described. - Dizziness
Fighting for breath was not described.
A heart attack, chest/upper back pain, recent probable stroke, recent fit/seizure or suicide attempt was not described as the main call reason.
Dizziness and nausea was described.

Prescribed Items


Appointment Reference

Date/Time: 01 June 2017 14:00 Location: CENTRAL LONDON COMMUNITY HEALTHCARE NHS TRUST Psychiatric Community Care Service
Document Created 01-Jan-2017, 20:00
Document Owner Medway NHS Foundation Trust
Authored by Mary Jones - Nurse Triage Practitioner, Medway NHS Foundation Trust on 01-Jan-2017, 20:00
Consent Status Consent given for electronic record sharing
Encounter Type NHS111 Encounter
Encounter Time 01-Jan-2017, 19:45 to 01-Jan-2017, 20:15
Journey Identifier LOC665
Case Reference CASEREF1234
Encounter Disposition Passed onto clinical hub
Care Setting Location Incident Location
Care Setting Address

Visit Address

2, Brancaster Road
Follow the high street and turn left by Boots
Great Britain

Care Setting Type Example Care Setting
Responsible Party Dave Cornwell - Medical Director, Medway South Out of Hours Centre