PMIP Mapping to GP2GP Structure

PMIP Report EhrComposition
Report id EhrComposition@id
Report Issued Date EhrComposition@availableTime
Report Received Date EhrComposition/participant@time The typeCode of the participation signifies the type of receipt
  • 'receiver' denotes the GP system
  • 'primary information recipient' denotes the first clinical reviewer in that GP practice
Sample SpecimenRole
Sample id SpecimenRole@id[1] The second id attribute.
Sample Type SpecimenMaterial@desc
Sample Collection Date SpecimenRole@effectiveTime
Sample Received Date EhrStatement/specimenReceipt@time
Sample Volume SpecimenMaterial@quantity
Sample Comments CompoundStatement/component/NarrativeStatement
Result (Abstract) EhrStatement (Choice) Only CompoundStatement and ObservationStatement are valid
Result Type EhrStatement@code
Lab Comment CompoundStatement/component/NarrativeStatement
Complex Reference Range CompoundStatement/component/NarrativeStatement
Battery Result CompoundStatement
Single Result ObservationStatement
Abnormality Indicator ObservationStatement@interpretationCode
Result Value ObservationStatement@value
Result Range ObservationStatement/referenceRange
Reference Population Definition CompoundStatement/component/NarrativeStatement