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Amend wrapper model to reflect cardinality implementation note



The tab view for both transmission and acknowledgement messages states that the recipient device is restricted to a single mandatory  occurrence but the model says 1..many are allowed.

To enforce better schema validation the model should be amended to reflect the implementation note.



CommunicationFnRcv This is shown as 1.. but  the DeviceCode already shows a

1.. cardinality. Multi-destination capability  is surely not required in

two different places. In general as already commented, EIS and MIM are now

sufficiently tightly linked that future changes in multi-destination

capability can be addressed as/when such functionality is introduced


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No impact

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No issues - correction

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Issue raised by supplier.


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This cardinality was set by BT to allow flexibility in the future. I think Infrastructure will need to be revisited in the future and that to aid implementers in the short term this should be restricted.

Amend model


CTT Resolution and Current Status


Make cardinality change from 1..* to 1..1 to all transmission wrappers in both the CommunicationFncRcv and Device classes..