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Amend Infrastructure Guidance on population of Acknowledgement.typeCode


issue Description:

The existing documentation is unclear about the population of Ack.typeCode depending on the value of the severity code carried with the error code in the Control Act DetectedIssueEvent.


Proposed solution

Amend guidance to say that all WG and IF severities are to be sent with an AA Ack.typeCode and all ER severities to be sent with an AE Ack.typeCode.

If there is a single ER severity in the ControlAct wrapper then the Ack.typeCode should be AE     


actual solution:

As above


potential IMPACT if change not made:

The current guidance is unclear


target release:

5.2 or 5.3


will there be any impact on other domains?

  Yes       No

Change to CMET required?

  Yes       No

Change to Clinical statement required?

  Yes       No

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