Vocabulary for DemographicObservationType

Code System Id


Version: 5.0
Status: active
Date: 2006-11-07


Default Scheme: NHS Data Dictionary Demographic Observation Type

Assigned OID: 2.16.840.1.113883.

To indicate the type of observed information.


Code Description Note
1 Request response
2 Serial Change Number
3 Death notification
4 Consent to NHS Care Record sharing

Deprecated (Moved to DemographicConsentObservationType)

6 Call centre call-back consent

Deprecated (Moved to DemographicConsentObservationType)

7 Consent supplementary comments


8 Healthspace registration
9 Preferred contact method
10 Preferred contact times
12 Matching level
13 Preferred written communication format
14 NHAIS registration


15 Shared secret
17 Previous NHS contact
18 UK residence
19 Paper record transfer status

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