Vocabulary for RegisteringAuthorityType

Code System Id


Version: 3.0
Status: active
Date: 2004-06-25


Default Scheme: NHS Data Dictionary RegisteringAuthorityType

Assigned OID: 2.16.840.1.113883.

A code indicating the type of registering authority.


Code Description Note
a Strategic Health Authority
b Director of Health and Social Care
c NHS Trust
d GP Practice
e Other NHS Organisation
f Armed Forces
g MOD Hospital
h IM&T Service
i Special Trustee
j University
k Other Statutory Authority
l NHS Administration Unit
m Breast Screening Unit
n Pathology Laboratory
o Department of Health
p Other Government Department
q Registered non-NHS Provider
r Unregistered non-NHS Provider (except Local Authority)
s Non-NHS Commissioner (except Local Authority)
t Local Authority
u Pharmacy
v Appliance Contractor
w Specialised Services Commissioning Consortium
x Primary Care Trust

Code 1 was used in P1R1. The new code is from the Data Dictionary classification.


Code 2 was used in P1R2. The new code is from the Data Dictionary classification.

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