Transfer of Care
Domain Message Specification


Overview: Transfer Of Care Domain Message Specification

The Transfer Of Care Domain Message Specification supports the following care communications:

  • eDischarge (inpatient discharge summary) Document – A HL7 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) document containing Transfer of Care information supporting an inpatient discharge typically between an acute hospital and GP practice.

This Interoperability Tool Kit (ITK) CDA DMS supports the Transfer of Care scenarios described in the "Standards for the clinical structure and content of patient records" document (see Ref #1 below) published by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC) (July 2013). This phase of the Transfer of Care DMS will cover inpatient discharge summaries which incorporate AoMRC headings as defined by the document.

Features Of This Release (Second Phase):

  • Make use of the "compositional grammar" method for describing the document type only.
  • This version of the CDA DMS will have coded entry templates for the following 5 Section templates: AdmissionDetailsSection (COCD_TP000034GB01), AllergiesAndAdverseReactionsSection (COCD_TP000035GB01), DiagnosesSection (COCD_TP000037GB01), DischargeDetailsSection (COCD_TP000036GB01) and ProceduresSection (COCD_TP000038GB01). All section templates have had authors added.
  • The section templates shall correspond to the AoMRC record headings.
  • This CDA DMS will allow for NonXML body (for example an embedded PDF document) and structured body.

Ref #1:

  • "Standards for the clinical structure and content of patient records" describes the standards for the structure and content of patient records, covering hospital referral letters, inpatient clerking, handover communications, discharge summaries and outpatient letters. These standards were signed off as fit for purpose by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, and have been recognised by the independent Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB), who were established to oversee the development and maintenance of health and social care records. This work led to requirements for this ITK CDA DMS which was endorsed by the National Information Board (NIB).


  • This Domain Message Specification includes artefacts required to instantiate the message specification - for details click on the "Associated Specifications" tab.
  • Validation tools are now downloadable from TRUD in the "NHS Interoperability Specifications Tooling Pack".
  • Within this specification "greyed out" buttons are used where the artefact is either not applicable or currently unavailable.