Social Care Assessment, Discharge and Withdrawal

SCP ADW Additional Messaging Guidance

The document should be read in conjunction with the Social Care Domain Message Specification (DMS) and the SCCI2075 Assessment, Discharge and Withdrawal Notices between Hospitals and Social Services Information Standard.

The document provides supplementary information covering the implementation and use of the ADW FHIR messages and also describes a number of divergences from the ADW Information Standard. It is anticipated that the document will evolve based on feedback received from implementers.

New Guidance for 5.2.0-beta.1 release

Risk Factor

This section describes how to carry risk factor information in the QuestionnaireResponse resource of the Assessment Notice message. It should be read in conjunction with the ADW-AssessmentNotice guidance.

The current requirement is to carry the risk factor only as free text.

Assessment risk factors are carried in the open slice of the ADW-QuestionnaireResponse-1 Profile, by adding a 'question' sub-data item to 'QuestionnaireResponse' open slice, as shown in the ADW-AssessmentNotice Example and is illustrated in the XML below: