NRLS Record Locator Service


Overview: FHIR Implementation Guide for the National Record Locator Service (NRLS)


The National Record Locator Service aims to provide healthcare professionals and providers with a facility to identify and locate 'local' patient records which have been registered on the Service.

The NRLS will initially pilot the ability for locally held Electronic Palliative Care coordination Systems (EPaCCs) Records to be flagged on the system, indicating to a care provider that a patient has one or more locally held EPaCCS Records. This information will be registered on the NRLS by contributing systems and discoverable by consuming systems.

This FHIR Messaging specification has been produced with requirements from the Summary Care Record (SCR) Programme and the Spine 2 Development Team.

The FHIR resources in the National Record Locator Service DMS have been profiled to support:

  • Register NRLS Record
  • Discover NRLS Record
  • Remove NRLS Record

Further Information

This specification is based on and is intended to be used alongside the published FHIR DSTU2 1.0.1 (Sept 2015) specification.

A DRAFT FHIR Conformance statement is included within this sprint.


This FHIR API specification is published as a 'work in progress' version and as such is subject to change. As it is a DRAFT, it is not in an implementable state. It has been published to show the direction of travel and to serve as a discussion document for parties involved with the implementation of National Record Locator Service FHIR based communications.

NHS Digital have developed a Alpha National Record Locator Service based on this DMS. Given the constraints and timescales, this Alpha implementation diverges in a number of ways from the underlying FHIR specification and DMS. It is essential that implementers looking to test against the Alpha contact NHS Digital for guidance on these differences.