NRLS Record Locator Service


The FHIR resource profiles within this DMS have been created to support the National Record Locator Service interface:

Base Resources

Implementers of the NRLS FHIR Messaging interface are required to support the following optional Base Resource elements (and properties) which are defined for all NRLS resources within this DMS:

1. Resource Identity:

Each resource has an "id" element which contains the logical identity of the resource assigned by the server responsible for storing it.

2. Resource Metadata:

Each FHIR resource profile contains an element "meta", of type "Meta", which is a set of metadata that provides technical and workflow context to the resource.

Metadata Item Type Usage
profile (0..*) [uri] This defines resource profiles that are described in the NRLS FHIR RESTful section of the DMS e.g. NRLS-DocumentReference-1-0

Further Information

For more information about FHIR profiles visit Profiling FHIR and for resource Metadata visit Base Resource Definitions.

The various downloads (including Schema files) and reference implementations are available on FHIR website.