Interoperability Toolkit


Overview: Core

The Interoperability Toolkit (ITK) Core pack offers guidance on common (or Core) ITK artefacts and concepts, backed up by examples and development artefacts such as XML schema.

Core Landscape

As the diagram shows, the Core pack covers
  • Services in terms of "business services" (transport independent service definitions). Also included are Distribution Envelope specific artefacts together with the WSDL files to help configure implementation.
  • Distribution Envelope includes element and attribute descriptions, scenario based envelope examples and the ITK Distribution Envelope schema. This section also has an overview of the profileId, which is an attribute of the Distribution Envelope.
  • The Acknowledgement Framework is a configurable request based framework, where acknowledgements are requested via the ITK Distribution Envelope's handling specifications. This section contains examples showing how acknowledgements are requested by setting handling specification values. Also included are detailed element and attribute descriptions, as well as schema definitions, for both the ITK Infrastructure Acknowledgement and the ITK Business Acknowledgement.
  • For Metadata, this pack contains guidance for implementing XDS metadata for ITK Correspondence payloads. The guidance contains detailed element and attribute descriptions as well as schema definitions and examples.