ITK API and related artefacts

Artefacts that are direct products of the ITK, API and reference implementation project.

Item Version Description
itk-api.jar 0.1 Jar (Java archive) containing the ITK API. This is non-executable but contains the contract (Java Interfaces) that any compliant implementation must support.
itk-ri.jar 0.1 Jar containing the reference implementation for the ITK API - not directly executable on its own, however has concrete that is easy to incorporate into a running applicaiton.
itk-samples.war 0.1 War (Java Web Archive) containing sample uses/scenarios of the ITK API and reference implementation classes. The war is executable or can be deployed in a standard web container (see installation guide for more details)

ITK Testbench and related links

The following table provides links to other CFH resources for ITK inteface development and those seeking ITK accreditation.

Item Description
TKW Autotest / TKW Testbench Official CFH ITK accreditation test tooling. Can emulate client and server calls - has built in validation.
TKW Autotest Guide Walkthrough of the TKW Autotest application.
TKW Autotest Guide - send CDA Walkthrough of the TKW Autotest application when used for the "send CDA" scenarios.