Overview: General Practice Extraction Service Domain Message Specification

The General Practice Extraction Service (GPES) Domain Message Specification supports the following care communications:


Also included in this Domain Message Specification are artefacts required to instantiate the message specifications.

These include:

Artefact Key

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This work is based on material originally published in the HL7 Version 3 Standard, © 2002-2004 by Health Level Seven, Incorporated. Readers are recommended to consult the indicated versions of referenced materials as published by HL7 or HL7 UK. Membership details for HL7 UK are available at www.hl7.org.uk . The authors gratefully acknowledge input from HL7 UK and HL7 members during the development of this work. The messages are designed to meet NHS requirements as an implementation specification of the HL7 Version 3 standards material available during development.