GP Connect Get Record FHIR API Implementation Guide

GP Connect - FHIR API - Get Care Record Operation



The GP Connect project aims to improve general interoperability; opening up information and data held within GP Practice IT systems through the implementation of standards-based integration, supported by a simplified operating model.

It will integrate GP IT with the wider market by improving access to clinical and administrative data across other health and social care settings, meet evolving Patient Facing Services requirements, support federated working in GP IT and look to improve the current IM1 service. In doing this it will allow provision of increased levels of patient care and allow open market access for subsidiary suppliers, leading to reduced costs and shorter time-to-market for new capabilities.

Further Information

This specification is based on and is intended to be used alongside the published FHIR DSTU2 1.0.2 (Oct 24, 2015) specification.

Important Note

This specification is published as a 'work in progress' version and as such is subject to change. It has been published to show the direction of travel and to serve as a discussion document for parties involved within the implementation of FHIR® based communication.


  • A FHIR Conformance statement is excluded from this sprint. It is expected to be included in future sprints.