ITK Architecture Documentation - Version: 2.2 Status: Final

Architecture Overview

The interoperability toolkit comprises of centrally provided four sets of documents and associated resources. These are

  • Architecture Specifications and Guidance Documents for Health and Social Care Interoperability
    1. The ITK Architecture Specifications (documents) define the mandatory and optional architecture requirements of an ITK compliant implementation.
  • Domain Message Specifications for Healthcare Interoperability
    1. Domain Message Specifications (DMS) specify message payloads and interaction details for healthcare domains.
  • Trust Operating Model
    1. The ITK Trust Operating Model provides best-practice guidance which Trusts need to consider when assuring their own Architectures.
  • Resources to aid Development and Deployment of ITK Accredited Software
    1. In order to support the accreditation and deployment of clinically safe interoperable IT systems, there is a need to supply resources that cater both Vendors and Trusts. Please find them at here.

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